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What Is An Orthodontic Treatment?

The treatment in which dental care devices are used to move or adjust teeth or the underlying bones for improvement of the appearance of teeth and their working is called Orthodontic treatment. The teeth are adjusted or moved using fixed or removable appliances like braces.

If individual needs assistance with solving an orthodontic problem, interested in improving their smile or are concerned about their child’s dental and facial development, then they should visit our Orthodontics Cockburn clinics for attaining the desired results.

Traditionally the ideal age for orthodontic treatment is during the growing years, i.e. eight to fourteen years. However, adults can also seek orthodontic assistance from our certified and experienced dentists, of course.

Types Of Orthodontic Treatments

The first procedure before any standard orthodontic treatment is a full examination. During the examinations, our team of skilled orthodontics and hygienists look at the client’s teeth, take dental x-rays, consult with the client, and make a plaster model of the client’s set of teeth.

After the examination is completed, it is decided which treatment is appropriate for the client. The following list of orthodontic treatments is the areas of specialization of the Orthodontics Joondalup clinics:

Damon Braces – This option of braces is an innovative system where often there is no need for extraction of teeth as frictionless brackets and memory wires are used in the procedure to achieve broader smiles.

Myobrace – To correct the muscle imbalances in young children as a precaution from issues that might contribute to orthodontic problems, a system of removable appliances are provided by dentists called myobrace. This treatment at an early age minimizes the requirement of more complicated orthodontic treatment in future.

Dentofacial Orthopaedics – This treatment involves the correction or modification of jaw growth from around the age of 8, by the use of several fixed or removable appliances.

Myofunction Therapy – This treatment involves the management of improper orofacial habits. The habits that are treated are mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue ties, reverse swallows, etc.

Early Orthodontic And Myofunction Assessments – These treatments are done from the birth of a child because it is in the first four years that the jaw growth is most rapid. Early detection of orthodontic problems allows more natural options of treatment or the early prevention from issues that might require complex orthodontic treatments in the future.

Planes Tracks – This treatment offers an early interceptive option for the correction of a child’s crossbites while they have baby teeth.

How To Care For Your Braces And Teeth?

The success of any treatment highly depends on the commitment of the patients as to how they look after their teeth post-treatment. Teeth can also be damaged if they are not cared for properly. The problems that can occur when you have brackets or braces on are food getting trapped in them and causing the buildup of plague. This can eventually cause permanent damage to teeth if not cleaned thoroughly.

Make sure to be careful when you are cleaning your teeth with braces on because braces and brackets are delicate and can also break. Orthodontics will also recommend you to cut down sticky, sugary food and drinks. It is best to consult and follow all the instructions given by a professional orthodontics practitioner like our team of specialized dentists at Orthodontics Cockburn clinic.

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