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We are a team of dentists, hygienists and receptionists who work together to ensure that you receive the best treatment that you require at a very time that suits you.

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Care for your smile with the Professional Dentist Joondalup & Cockburn

Dentist Cockburn is dedicated to the protection and care of your precious teeth. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality and the most affordable dental care health care unit in the country. Professionals from all over Australia has come together to provide you with excellent services. A chosen few professionals and staff offer the most reliable services for your precious pearls. We offer a variety of services for the perfect solution to your problems.

Why you should consider going for regular Dental Checkups

There are many symptoms of unhealthy teeth which we ignore regularly. We feel that symptoms such as discolouration, plag build-up, gum bleeding, sensitivity, toothache, etc. are common and insignificant. We do not consider the detrimental effects it brings in the long run.

It is best to entrust the health of your teeth like Dentist Cockburn and Dentist Joondalup. It is recommended not to ignore any of the symptoms above and consult with the dental professionals immediately. Our experts handle all the patients with extreme care. We want to provide the best possible service for all our patients.

Our Motto

At Dentist Cockburn, we are entirely dedicated to doing everything possible for the happiness of our patients. We try to improve our relationship with the patients for a smooth process. Our motto includes-


We believe in quality work in everything we do. The experts do their jobs with efficiency and in a completely unbiased manner. Over the years, we have striven to prove our authenticity. Witness out most sufficient work firsthand with Dentist Cockburn and Dentist Joondalup.

Relationship Cultivation

We make our patients feel at ease at our clinic. We work hard to build and cultivate our relationships with our patients. We believe in interacting with our patients to ease them of all stress and anxiety. We personalize all our services for our patients to provide the most satisfactory service possible.

Innovative Technology

At Dentist Cockburn and Dentist Joondalup, we use the latest technology available to provide our patients with the finest dental treatments. We believe in smooth checkups at affordable costs for the wellbeing of everyone.

We are dedicated to serving you and your family wholeheartedly. Some of the technical facilities that we pride ourselves with are Digital Radiography, Oral Cancer Screening, Halitosis Screening, and Periodontal Disease Screening.

We provide these and much more at unbelievable prices to reach out to as many people as possible. We are a trusted institution with the credibility of millions of people from all over the country. We are waiting to greet you with open arms at our clinic.

About Us

Welcome to House of Smiles

House of Smiles was formed with an intention to provide and bring affordable quality dental services to everyone in need. Coupled with quality equipment, resources, and training, we pride ourselves in operating a professional, affordable clinic. We aim to provide all our patients with the same level of care we would offer our own family and friends.

Whether it be cracked teeth, missing teeth, discoloured teeth or wisdom teeth, we offer a full range of dental treatments to cover all your general oral health needs.

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Our Services

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Cosmetic Dental


House of Smiles was formed with an intention to provide and bring affordable quality dental services to everyone in need.

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